Trump’s Corporate Tax Holiday Proposal Will Hurt Job Creation

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The notion that corporate tax holidays– congressional orders that allow corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer and others to bring overseas profits back to the US without penalty–create jobs is misleading and, based on previous such tax holidays mostly untrue.

According to an article in today’s NY Times Business section (a reliable source of real news), corporate tax holidays typically result in mergers and acquisition that typically result in job cuts.

…the last time Congress initiated a tax holiday, in 2004. The top 15 repatriating companies brought home $150 billion but reduced their work force by 20,931 jobs, according to a 2011 study commissioned by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

In the coming months, Trump and his minions will be pushing for a new corporate tax holiday so that new jobs can be created. While this is certains to send shivers down the spines of most Trump supports, any jobs that will be created or not lost will not be the ones that midwestern small town employees or coal mines will benefit from. For example, the  corporations with the largest amounts of overseas monies are Apple and Microsoft, two technology companies that are unlikely to create new jobs for coal miners, service employees or blue collar workers.

While many Trump supporters believe that Barack Obama and the Democrats were responsible for manufacturing job loss in the US, the real reasons for their loss was mechanization/robotization and globalization. The lost manufacturing jobs are never coming back–despite Trump’s assertions that they are—and the only way unemployed factory workers will find new work is through retraining or moving to urban centers where jobs for unskilled workers appear to be on the rise.  Corporate tax holidays, income tax cuts and reduction in social programs will not lead to new job creation but to job loss.

Don’t let Trump destroy the economic recovery that President Obama brought to this nation.

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Missing the Boat: Firefox vs Internet Explorer

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I vividly remember when Netscape and Microsoft were “duking it out” for browser dominance in the mid 1990s. As you may have guessed, I was an ardent Netscape supporter. Unfortunately, Microsoft cleaned Netscape’s clock and Internet Explore (IE) became the default web browser of choice for many years,

Although I run a blog, belong to many social networks and like to think of myself as somebody who readily embraces change, I have religiously used IE since Netscape’s demise. That said, I never noticed how slow and clunky IE was until I started working at home again. I always attributed IE’s slowness and frequently aberrant behavior at work to my employer’s woefully inadequate internet connection. However, because I connect to the internet at home via FIOS, IE’s continued lack of responsiveness and frequent crashes could no longer be explained by inadequate “pipe size” or poor connectivity.

The thing that sealed the deal for me were my unsuccessful attempts last evening to use IE to access my Fantasy Football League’s homepage to check yesterdays results. My obsessive need to learn my Fantasy Football fate, forced me to use Firefox to attempt to access the site (I downloaded a version of Firefox several years ago). While I still wasn’t able to connect to my Fantasy Football homepage (the servers were jammed by other obsessive people like me), I found that I was able to access many of my other favorite websites much more quickly and with greater ease than I had ever experienced with IE (with or without a FIOS connection). An apt comparison for the speed differences between Firefox and IE is Usain Bolt’s dominating performance over the rest of the field in the 100 meter race at this year’s Olympics in Beijing.

Over the past few years, many technologically-savvy people suggested that I switch from IE to Firefox. I didn’t because I subscribe to the notion that if “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That said, I am now a Firefox devotee. I feel like I just emerged from the Dark Ages!!!!!

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